Valsartan Cancer Lawsuit Update 

Valsartan Lawsuits Overview 

Valsartan, a medication used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure, has been linked to severe health risks due to contamination with carcinogens.  

Thousands of users have filed lawsuits seeking compensation for their developed health issues. This page provides the latest updates and essential information about Valsartan lawsuits. 

Recent Increase in Valsartan Lawsuits 

Valsartan Lawsuit

As of June 2024, 1,248 Valsartan lawsuits are pending, and 1,415 cases have been filed.  

The number of cases is expected to rise as more individuals learn about the potential cancer risk associated with the drug.  

Valsartan users are starting to notice health issues linked to the medication during their medical check-ups, prompting an increase in legal actions. 

Valsartan Lawsuit Updates – June 2024 

As of June 2024, 1,248 Valsartan lawsuits were pending. The lawsuits target several companies producing and distributing contaminated Valsartan, including Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical and Hetero Labs.  

The federal cases are consolidated into multidistrict litigation in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey, overseen by Judge Renee M. Bumb.  

The Valsartan litigation continues to evolve. Here are the latest updates: 

June 2024: Over 1,200 lawsuits are ongoing. Federal cases are consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey. There is growing speculation about potential settlements in the Valsartan litigation.  

Recent developments include settlements with Hetero, a smaller Valsartan defendant that sold contaminated batches for only two months and had lower levels of NDMA contamination. 

While this isn't a groundbreaking change, the question remains whether larger settlements with primary defendants will happen soon.  

It's uncertain when a significant settlement might occur, but in cases like this, it often takes a few trial verdicts to push defendants toward offering fair settlement amounts. 

May 2024: Judge Renee M. Bumb has taken over the litigation, and plaintiffs' attorneys have requested a status conference. 

April 2024: There have been a few Valsartan settlements. Judge Kugler appointed two retired judges to mediate and resolve the remaining lawsuits. 

March 2024: The MDL judge ruled before the bellwether trial that Valsartan-supplied drug labels implied a promise of safety for these generic blood pressure medications. 

Whether this promise was breached due to the alleged contamination with a carcinogenic substance is still disputed.  

February 2024: Plaintiffs and defendants file motions to exclude specific experts from depositions and plaintiffs' fact sheets. 

January 2024: The court issued a significant ruling on the admissibility of expert testimony at trial. Instead of a broad approach, the court carefully dissected the expert reports, allowing some opinions while excluding others. 

December 2023: The MDL judge certified three classes of plaintiffs, including Consumer Economic Loss, Medical Monitoring, and Third Party Payor ("TPP") Class, as well as some subclasses. The Court has not yet decided on the Defendants' wrongdoing or the Plaintiffs' personal injury claims. 

August 2023: 1,230 cases are pending in the MDL. 

July 2023: 1,223 cases were pending in MDL 2875. 

February 2023: Federal judge Robert Kugler in New Jersey certified consumer and insurance companies’ claims against manufacturers and distributors of tainted Valsartan. MDL plaintiffs requested medical monitoring of Valsartan’s adverse effects. 

January 2023: There were an estimated 1,072 ongoing Valsartan lawsuits. 

December 2022: Judge Kugler rejected Valsartan drug makers' and distributors’ motion to exclude expert testimony linking the contaminated drug to cancer. His ruling allowed Valsartan trials to proceed with scientific study findings usable as evidence against the implicated parties. 

March 2022: Judge Kugler appointed retired judges Gregory M. Sleet and Lawrence F. Stengel to manage Valsartan MDL settlement negotiations. 

What is Valsartan? 

Valsartan Lawsuits Overview 

Valsartan is an angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. It helps relax blood vessels, making it easier for the heart to pump blood.  

Millions relied on Valsartan to manage their heart conditions until contamination concerns arose. 

Why is Valsartan Potentially Causing Cancer? 

The contamination of Valsartan involves two carcinogenic substances: NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine) and NDEA (N-nitrosodiethylamine). Both chemicals are classified as probable human carcinogens and have been detected in several batches of Valsartan. 

NDMA and NDEA Contamination in Valsartan 

NDMA is a chemical that has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals and is used in research to induce cancer.  

Changes in the manufacturing process detected it in Valsartan, leading to conditions where NDMA could form as an unintended byproduct. 

NDEA is another contaminant found in Valsartan and classified as a probable human carcinogen. It has been linked to various cancers, including liver and other digestive tract cancers. 

How Did the Contamination Happen? 

The contamination was traced to specific manufacturing processes, particularly those at Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical in China.  

Changes in solvent use and lapses in quality control contributed to the formation of NDMA and NDEA in Valsartan. 

FDA's Response to Valsartan Recalls 

In 2018, the FDA announced a significant recall of prescription drugs containing the active ingredient valsartan for blood pressure and heart conditions.  

Valsartan is commonly found in various brand-name and generic medications (such as Diofan and Exforge) used to treat hypertension and heart failure.  

It was recently discovered that Valsartan when manufactured in a specific way, can cause a harmful impurity known as N-nitroso dimethylamine (NDMA). 

NDMA is recognized as a human carcinogen. The contaminated valsartan drugs containing this dangerous impurity were traced to a pharmaceutical ingredient supplied by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese company.  

It is believed Zhejiang Huahai produced the tainted valsartan component and distributed it to multiple U.S. pharmaceutical companies, including Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Solco Healthcare.  

The detection of NDMA impurities in Zhejiang Huahai’s products ultimately led to the FDA recall. 

All valsartan products made with ingredients from Zhejiang Huahai were immediately recalled for safety reasons.  

According to the FDA, the NDMA impurities in these drugs were “completely unexpected” and were thought to result from changes in the Chinese company's manufacturing process. 

The FDA thoroughly investigated the recalled products and the NDMA contamination. This investigation revealed that the NDMA contamination was more extensive than initially suspected.  

At least one pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer in India was also identified as a potential source of NDMA contamination. 

Which Valsartan Drugs Have Been Recalled? 

Not every Valsartan drug has been recalled—only those produced with ingredients from Zhejiang Huahai. Below is a list of all the recalled drugs

Drug Name                                   



Major Pharmaceuticals 


Solco Healthcare 

Valsartan                                                            T

eva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. 

Valsartan/Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) 

Solco Healthcare 

Valsartan/Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) 

Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. 

Health Impacts of Contaminated Valsartan 

Exposure to NDMA and NDEA has been linked to several types of cancer, including liver, colorectal, stomach, and kidney cancer.  

Beyond cancer, contaminated Valsartan has been associated with other serious health complications. 

Types of Cancer Linked to Valsartan 

  • Bladder cancer 
  • Colorectal cancer 
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 
  • Kidney cancer 
  • Prostate cancer 
  • Liver cancer 
  • Liver injury 
  • Pancreatic cancer 
  • Stomach cancer 
  • Blood cancer  
  • Multiple Myeloma 
  • Leukemia 
  • Lung cancer
  • Throat cancer 

When Will the Valsartan Lawsuit Be Settled? 

One of the more minor defendants in the Valsartan lawsuit has already settled. However, as of June 2024, there have not been any significant settlement negotiations. A Valsartan trial is expected to occur in the MDL sometime in 2024. 

How to Qualify for a Valsartan Lawsuit 

To qualify for a Valsartan lawsuit, you must have: 

  • Taken Valsartan and developed cancer or other serious health issues. 
  • Medical records linking your health issues to Valsartan. 

How Much is a Valsartan Case Worth? 

The value of a Valsartan lawsuit settlement largely depends on the severity of the injuries and the extent of financial losses incurred. More severe injuries and more significant financial impact result in higher compensation amounts.  

Key factors that influence settlement amounts include: 

Medical Expenses. Costs associated with cancer treatment and other related medical care. 

Lost Wages. Compensation for income lost during treatment and recovery periods. 

For cases involving long-term or permanent disability that affects the ability to work and earn a living, settlements often account for the loss of future earnings.  

Additionally, compensation may cover non-economic damages such as physical pain and emotional distress caused by severe side effects. 

Questions Valsartan Lawyers May Ask You During a Consultation 

Was Your Valsartan Medication Recalled? 

In July 2018, the FDA issued a recall for several lots of Valsartan after discovering contamination with the carcinogenic chemical NDMA. To determine if your medication was part of the recall, check the manufacturer’s name and the lot number on your prescription bottle or warning label and compare it to the FDA's recall list. 

Has A Doctor diagnosed you? 

Individuals filing Valsartan lawsuits are often diagnosed with cancers such as liver, kidney, intestinal, or stomach cancer. Your lawyer will review your medical records to verify your diagnosis and establish a connection to the contaminated Valsartan. 

How has an illness impacted your daily life after taking Valsartan? 

Cancer can significantly impact your daily life. Inform your attorney about the physical, mental, and emotional effects your diagnosis has had on you to help build your case. 

What Treatments Are You Undergoing? 

Cancer treatment can involve various methods, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Your lawyer will need details about your treatment plan and its effectiveness to support your compensation claim. 

Lawsuit Lawyer

If you have been injured by taking contaminated Valsartan, it's in your best interests to contact a dedicated Valsartan lawyer with experience in dangerous drug lawsuits as soon as possible.  

Partnering with a skilled legal team at Lawsuit Legal News will help you gather the necessary evidence to prepare your Valsartan cancer lawsuit effectively and create a solid legal claim. Contact our experienced Valsartan lawyers today. 

We remain ready, willing, and able to help you file a lawsuit and seek compensation for the harm and losses you sustained from taking contaminated Valsartan.  

We are working on claims against every manufacturer and distributor involved, including Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical, Hetero Labs, and other companies responsible for the contamination. To learn if you can bring a Valsartan lawsuit, reach out today.

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