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Your one-stop news source for all the latest news and information about mass tort lawsuits and class action claims across the United States. Being informed is key for anyone injured due to a defective drug, dangerous product, or faulty medical device. These claims often become large class-action or mass tort litigation cases and are difficult to navigate without information and legal help.




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After suffering an injury due to a defective drug, medical device, or product, you deserve to have your voice heard. However, it is often hard to tell your story when going up against large corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers.

These companies have large legal teams on their side with one sole purpose – to reduce their liabilities. They are not interested in your story or your suffering.

What can you do to seek justice? Where can you turn for help?

Understanding the mass torts and class action lawsuits across the country will give you the knowledge you need to tell your story and receive the justice you deserve. Knowledge is power. Our news source aims to give you that power with up-to-date information on the latest legal information about mass torts and class action cases across the country.

There is power in just ONE voice fighting for truth against a corrupt or negligent entity. When those voices band together in a mass tort litigation case it can affect change for everyone and hold those negligent and reckless companies accountable.

Injured consumers just like you have gotten dangerous drugs and products removed from shelves, recalled, and even banned.

What Is the Difference Between a Class Action Lawsuit and Mass Tort Litigation?

Many consumers and injured patients want to know the difference between a class action lawsuit and mass tort litigation.

When consumers across the country suffer nearly identical injuries, they can band together to file a class action lawsuit against the negligent company. When a class action settles, or the court issues a verdict, individuals in the class action lawsuit share in the payout equally.

When consumers suffer different injuries and degrees of harm after taking a dangerous drug or using a defective medical device, they may want to pursue litigation on their own to maximize their compensation. The courts treat mass tort litigation cases individually, and injured individuals can recover compensation specific to their damages.

The best way to determine if your case is a mass tort or class action case is to speak to a mass tort lawyer. Your attorney will review the details of your injury and the product in question to determine the best course of legal action.