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Social media behemoths like Meta Platforms, Inc. (the parent company of Instagram) generate substantial revenue using sophisticated digital algorithms designed to engage and retain users. When you create an Instagram account, the platform collects your data and tracks your interactions. Using this extensive information, Instagram curates content and keeps it at the top of your feed to keep you engaged. 

Unfortunately, certain demographics, including younger Instagram users, have suffered significant harm from their Instagram experiences. If you or someone you know has suffered injuries related to Instagram use, you may have grounds to take legal action through an Instagram lawsuit.

At Lawsuit Legal News, our mission is to provide current information about pending lawsuits against Instagram and help individuals seeking legal justice for the harms inflicted by the platform. 

Instagram Lawsuit

The legal team at Lawsuit Legal News (LLN) is made up of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in advocating for injured parties in mass tort, class action, and other nationwide legal disputes. With over 120 years of cumulative experience, we've successfully resolved thousands of personal injury claims and lawsuits and recovered over $400 million for our deserving clients.

We keep tabs on ever-changing developments and legal proceedings, including Facebook social media harm lawsuits, the Instagram class-action lawsuit in Illinois, and potential nationwide litigation. We recognize that many Instagram users struggle with severe medical and mental health issues due to social media usage, so we aim to provide the best possible information and legal assistance.

If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries from Instagram use, contact a compassionate social media lawyer from the LLN team for accurate information and to learn more about your legal rights. We offer free consultations to discuss your legal options and assess your chances of bringing a successful Instagram lawsuit.

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When Challenging Instagram, Prior Mass Tort Experience is Important

If you are thinking about bringing legal action against a tech titan like Instagram, you need the support of a seasoned legal team. The legal professionals at LLN have extensive experience in handling intricate mass tort cases, allowing us to act as formidable advocates for your rights in a potential Instagram lawsuit.

An Instagram claim requires a clear understanding of social media law and its application to various legal contexts. Whether your case should join a class-action lawsuit against Instagram or multidistrict litigation (MDL), or requires intricate expert testimony to support your claims, our dedicated mass tort attorneys are ready to fight for you and protect your interests.

What Are Injured People Alleging in Instagram Lawsuits?

Many social media lawsuits allege that Instagram engineered a digital platform using sophisticated algorithms designed to entice young users, prolong their online presence, and create addiction to the platform. Given Instagram's substantial revenue from online advertising, it has a vested interest in extending user engagement, often at the expense of user well-being.

Surveys on social media usage indicate that the average user spends approximately 151 minutes daily online—a figure that has steadily risen since 2012. Furthermore, a staggering 90 percent of teenagers dedicate an average of three hours daily to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

In a broader context, American users generally devote slightly over two hours daily to social media platforms. These hours of ongoing scrolling expose individuals to a surge of negative content, misleading information, cyberbullying, and assaults on personal self-esteem. The harm is especially bad for impressionable young people whose brains are still growing as they develop a sense of self-confidence.

These theories are supported by a Harvard School of Public Health study that reported, “Instagram… can draw vulnerable teens into a dangerous spiral of negative social comparison and hook them onto unrealistic ideals of appearance and body size and shape.” These teens may then pursue dangerous habits or actions that lead to various forms of injury.

In numerous Instagram lawsuits, plaintiffs contend that the platform's algorithms manipulate content that users see to evoke feelings of inadequacy and worsen mental health issues among users.

A common allegation in Instagram claims is that the platform's algorithms prioritize and showcase captivating content to younger audiences, often portraying an idealized version of wealth, beauty, and success.

Research from the University of Pennsylvania has shown how this curated and tailored content stream can distort teenagers' perceptions of reality and harm their self-esteem and body image.

Viewing this content creates feelings of inadequacy or failure to meet societal standards, causing or worsening depression and other mental health conditions. Studies have shown that the constant impact of social media content has been correlated with adverse mental health effects. 

Plaintiffs in Instagram lawsuits argue that excessive exposure to the platform's content can instigate and exacerbate mental health challenges, particularly among younger demographics such as teenage girls and young women.

One notable Instagram lawsuit alleges that Meta Platforms and its affiliates knowingly promote "controversial, disturbing, negative, and emotionally charged" content, contributing to physical and emotional harm, especially among vulnerable groups.

Citing research, the complaint emphasizes how social media facilitates cyberbullying and correlates with various health issues such as obesity, sleep deprivation, and eating disorders in children. Furthermore, the lawsuit contends that social media usage is associated with heightened risks of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide.

The harm caused by Instagram has also led to criminal proceedings. According to an article in Forbes, prosecutors have brought criminal charges against men who are accused of sexually exploiting young models, especially girls, on Instagram. Even with FBI assistance, Instagram has struggled to keep suggestive and illegal content off the platform and remove the harmful images already posted.

Why Would Instagram Intentionally Harm Its Users?

While Instagram's parent company may deny any wrongdoing, many individuals argue that the platform's primary objective is to prioritize user engagement and entertainment, sometimes at the expense of user well-being.

The platform's revenue model heavily relies on advertising, which is tailored to individual user behaviors. Meta reported over $100 billion in ad revenue in one recent fiscal year, highlighting the substantial financial gains from user data analysis. Notably, Instagram targets younger demographics with micro-targeted advertisements to prolong their engagement.

With each interaction, Instagram accumulates vast user data, enhancing its profitability. Plaintiffs in Instagram lawsuits assert that the platform employs sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to exploit human psychology, prioritizing financial gain over user safety and mental well-being.

In ongoing lawsuits against Instagram, plaintiffs have advanced several key legal theories, including the following:

The Failure to Warn Users

One fundamental claim in Instagram lawsuits alleges that the platform inadequately warned its users, particularly minors and parents, about the potential mental, emotional, and physical risks associated with Instagram usage.

The Platform Has a Design Defect

Plaintiffs argue that Instagram's design incorporates inherent defects that can harm users, particularly minors. They assert there are reasonable changes that could reduce these risks, but Instagram won’t put them into place.

Instagram Is Negligent

Lawsuits assert that Instagram and its parent company, Meta, knew or should have known about the potential harm created by the platform's algorithms and defective design.

Despite this awareness, the companies failed to implement measures that would reduce user risks. Injured plaintiffs argue that the companies prioritize profit over user safety, fostering addictive behavior and extended usage despite knowing about the platform's potential hazards.

An article published in the Wall Street Journal reported that Meta’s internal research admitted Instagram makes body images worse for approximately one-third of teenage girls and that teen Instagram users blame the platform for their anxiety and depression. Yet, Instagram refuses to take action to address these issues. 

There Is a Manufacturing Defect

This theory alleges that Instagram developers deviated from the original product design and created a final product that poses a greater danger to users than originally intended. Plaintiffs claim that these deviations have caused severe harm or even death among users.


Plaintiffs assert that Meta and Instagram used deceptive advertising, marketing, and promotion to portray the platform as safe while hiding its inherent dangers. Despite being aware of the risks to users' mental and emotional well-being, the companies allegedly concealed this information, creating a dangerous environment for users.

Common Injuries Linked to Instagram Use

Once users become addicted to the allure of Instagram, excessive use can lead to a variety of harmful situations. Reports have linked the following list of injuries to prolonged and addictive Instagram use:

Depression and Anxiety

Extended exposure to social media can increase feelings of depression and anxiety, particularly among people who already struggle with these conditions.


Some users may resort to self-harming behaviors as a result of distress or negative encounters experienced on the platform.

Eating Disorders

Striving to attain the unattainable beauty standards featured on Instagram can lead to the development of eating disorders, with severe cases resulting in death.

Body Dysmorphia

Constant comparison to unrealistic and idealized images on Instagram may distort users' perceptions of their own bodies, causing body dysmorphia and related psychological conditions.

Physical Violence 

Exposure to violent or harmful content on Instagram can desensitize users and contribute to the normalization of violent behaviors.


Excessive Instagram use, particularly before bedtime, can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to insomnia.


Tragically, the platform's addictive nature and exposure to harmful content have been correlated with increased suicide rates among certain user demographics.

Other Mental Health Conditions 

Conditions such as ADHD and difficulty concentrating may be created or worsened by excessive Instagram use, further harming users' mental well-being.

Headaches and Migraines 

Prolonged screen time and exposure to blue light emitted by devices can trigger headaches and migraines in susceptible individuals.

Vision Issues 

Extended periods of screen gazing can result in eye strain and other vision-related problems.

Ongoing lawsuits against Meta and Instagram allege that the companies were aware of these potential harms but neglected to warn users or modify the algorithms to mitigate these risks. Instead, Instagram purportedly tailored its platform to heighten user addiction and prolong engagement, prioritizing profit over user well-being.

What Damages Can You Request in an Instagram Lawsuit?

What Do You Need to File an Instagram Lawsuit

Similar to other personal injury claims and lawsuits, the amount of compensation (known as legal damages) injured people may seek can vary significantly. The value of your Instagram lawsuit will hinge on the nature of your injury and the extent of your related financial losses.

To fully understand the potential compensation you may qualify for in your specific circumstances, we encourage you to connect with one of the social media lawyers from the LLN team today.

In general terms, the potential legal damages an injured party could pursue in an Instagram lawsuit claim might include:

  • Medical expenses related to your Instagram injuries.
  • Your lost income, wages, benefits, and other financial resources due to missed work for medical treatment or your inability to work after an Instagram injury.
  • Pain and suffering stemming from your injuries and financial losses.
  • Diminished quality of life as a consequence of Instagram usage.
  • In cases where Instagram's actions are deemed intentional or egregiously harmful, punitive damages may be awarded.

Determining the value of your individual losses is a complicated process. At LLN, we are committed to ensuring you receive the most compensation possible in your Instagram settlement claim. That's why it's so important to work with one of the skilled Instagram lawsuit lawyers affiliated with LLN.

Our dedicated social media lawyers possess the knowledge and resources needed to challenge multi-billion dollar corporations like Instagram and Meta. We are determined and equipped with the necessary resources to confront entities that prioritize profit over user well-being.

How much can you recover in a Instagram lawsuit?

What Do You Need to File an Instagram Lawsuit?

To win a personal injury claim, particularly against a corporate entity of considerable size and power, we must construct a robust legal case supported by compelling evidence to justify your entitlement to fair compensation.

While you face the challenges of medical treatment or tending to a loved one requiring emotional or physical support after an Instagram injury, you probably don’t have the capacity or stamina to gather evidence and construct a solid legal claim.

This is where the seasoned social media lawyers affiliated with Lawsuit Legal News excel.

We can compile crucial documentation and information to bolster your Instagram lawsuit claim, such as:

  • Evidence of your or your loved one's Instagram usage.
  • Documentation confirming diagnoses and/or prognoses of medical or psychological conditions attributable to social media harm.
  • An estimation of the cumulative cost of past and anticipated future medical care required to address your condition(s).
  • A tally of present and projected income loss.
  • An assessment of intangible losses, including pain and suffering, and the loss of ongoing life enjoyment.

We know Facebook and Meta employ formidable legal teams who are paid very well to defend users’ legal claims. To mount a successful Instagram lawsuit, you need a strong and resilient legal team in your corner to counter corporate attorneys, challenge insurance companies, and safeguard your legal rights at every juncture. 

Rest assured, you can place your trust in the LLN team to advocate on your behalf.

Why You Can Afford to Work With the LLN Team to File an Instagram Lawsuit

The empathetic legal team at Lawsuit Legal News accepts social media cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you won't be required to pay any fees upfront, not even for an initial, no-obligation consultation where you can address any inquiries and learn more about your options. 

After your free consultation, if you decide to partner with the LLN team, you won't incur any attorney's fees until they successfully resolve your Instagram lawsuit claim and secure compensation for you.

The attorneys affiliated with LLN can further explain your distinct legal options, how to initiate the process and address any additional questions during your confidential consultation. With numerous office locations nationwide, we can meet in person or arrange a virtual meeting at your convenience.

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If Instagram use has harmed you or a loved one, you may have the right to pursue an Instagram lawsuit to recoup the compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact the dedicated social media harm attorneys associated with LLN to share your story and learn more. We can explain the legal process and discuss your entitlement to compensation for your Instagram-related injuries.

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