Do I Need a Tylenol Autism Lawyer to File a Lawsuit?

Do I Need a Tylenol Autism Lawyer to File a Lawsuit?

If you want to improve your chances of recovering compensation in any personal injury case, hire a lawyer. Studies show that people who retain lawyers recover substantially more compensation than those who don't. This is especially true in lawsuits involving Tylenol use and the risk of autism and ADHD in babies exposed in utero. If you are seeking compensation, an experienced Tylenol autism lawyer can improve your chances of recovering just compensation.

A growing body of research has linked the use of the widely used painkiller and fever reducer Tylenol during pregnancy to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Instead of warning the public about this risk, manufacturers ignored the evidence, focusing more on profits than the well-being of their consumers. Now, those who suffered the consequences of drug makers' selfish acts are seeking to hold these companies accountable through the court system. You don't want to enter this battle with just any lawyer. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of others in your shoes deserve to hold these dangerous drug makers accountable. If you took Tylenol or another acetaminophen-containing medicine during pregnancy and your child developed ASD or ADHD, you are likely facing years—if not a lifetime—of mental health treatment, special education service, and other needs to help your child live a fulfilling life. Improve your chances of recovering the financial compensation and justice you deserve by retaining the services of an experienced mass tort attorney.

Tylenol and Autism/ADHD: What’s the Connection?

Tylenol autism claims: The Consequences of Autism Caused by Prenatal Tylenol Exposure

Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Products Company introduced Tylenol in 1955. The painkiller contains the active ingredient acetaminophen, which is now found in over 600 products sold both over-the-counter and by prescription. Acetaminophen-containing medicines are among the most widely used in the country. They are considered safe for people of all ages—from infants throughout adulthood, including pregnant women. An estimated 70% of all women have used Tylenol or other acetaminophen-containing medicines while pregnant.  

Since the 1980s, when the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) recommended stopping prenatal and pediatric use of aspirin due to the risk of Reye’s syndrome, the use of Tylenol and acetaminophen drugs skyrocketed. So did the incidence of ASD

Beginning in 2008, researchers began to consider whether prenatal use of Tylenol may play a role in the development of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and ADHD.

Perhaps the most damning evidence came in October 2019, when JAMA Psychiatry published a study investigating the levels of acetaminophen in newborn umbilical cord blood. Researchers found that the children with the highest levels of acetaminophen in their cord blood were nearly three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD later and more than 3.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with ASD compared to children who had lower levels of the drug in their cord blood. 

Tylenol Autism Lawsuit MDL

The study spawned a wave of Tylenol autism lawsuits across the country. On October 5, 2022, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated the lawsuits into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Southern District of New York. The lawsuits name retailers of Tylenol and acetaminophen, such as Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, as well as Tylenol manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, and all raise similar claims based on failure to warn about the risks of prenatal exposure to Tylenol. This MDL may grow exponentially as awareness of the link between Tylenol and ASD/ADHD increases, and the recovery potential could climb into the multi-millions. 

Our law firm is currently accepting Tylenol autism and ADHD lawsuits on behalf of families whose child has developed ASD or ADHD after being exposed to Tylenol in utero. 

How Can a Tylenol Autism Attorney Help Me with My Claim? 

An experienced mass tort lawyer can assist with your Tylenol Autism claim through: 

Tylenol (acetaminophen)

Knowledge of mass tort litigation

Mass tort cases concerning dangerous drugs often involve numerous plaintiffs with similar claims against a shared defendant or defendants; in this case, retailers and manufacturers of Tylenol. These complex cases require a solid grasp of medical and legal knowledge. An attorney with prior experience in mass tort litigation will understand the distinctive challenges these cases pose and can deftly navigate their intricacies.

Resources and expertise

Tylenol autism lawsuits demand substantial resources. You’ll need a lawyer with a network of resources, including medical experts who can provide valuable insights into Tylenol’s effects on developing fetuses and researchers who can explain the science that links this commonly used medication to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson have massive legal teams to safeguard their profits vigorously. To level the playing field, you must retain a lawyer experienced in handling these types of cases with access to the necessary resources and who can stand tall against Big Pharma and its legal team to ensure the best outcome for plaintiffs.

Case assessment and strategy

A lawyer well-versed in both the legal and medical aspects of Tylenol autism cases can thoroughly evaluate the merits and drawbacks of your case and craft a comprehensive legal strategy tailored specifically to the context of the mass tort. Additionally, they have the expertise to determine the best jurisdiction for filing your Tylenol autism lawsuit, collaborate effectively with other plaintiffs' attorneys, and work toward achieving the most favorable outcome for you among all the other plaintiffs involved in the litigation.

Negotiation skills

Mass tort lawsuits frequently require negotiations with the legal team of the pharmaceutical company and insurance companies, which can present significant challenges. To navigate this process effectively, lawyers must possess strong negotiation skills to advocate for their clients and secure favorable compensation without resorting to prolonged and expensive litigation. Since various law firms may represent multiple plaintiffs, mass tort lawyers need strong negotiation skills to collaborate seamlessly with other attorneys to coordinate efforts, present a unified front against the defendant, and strengthen the collective position of the plaintiffs.

Courtroom experience

Settlements often resolve mass tort cases without going to the courtroom. But courtroom experience gives lawyers a distinct advantage during negotiations. Defendants may offer favorable settlements when they know that plaintiffs' attorneys can successfully take the case to trial if needed.

Lawyers with courtroom experience are better equipped to handle the challenges that arise during trials. They have experience presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and delivering compelling arguments. Moreover, they are well-versed in structuring their case, using persuasive storytelling techniques and simplifying complex medical and scientific information to make it more understandable to the jury. These skills enhances their ability to navigate the trial process effectively and advocate strongly on behalf of their clients.

Contact an Experienced Tylenol Autism Lawyer Today

The Tylenol autism MDL is growing daily. To receive the compensation you deserve to help your child live a full life, you can file a Tylenol autism claim.

You do not want to go through this process alone. An experienced attorney from our firm can assess your case and guide you through the legal process. 

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