How to File a Lawsuit For Tepezza Injuries

How to File a Lawsuit For Tepezza Injuries
Lawyer, Matt Dolman
Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit Attorney, Matt Dolman

Tepezza (generic name: teprotumumab) was the first drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat thyroid eye disease (TED), also known as Graves’ Disease. Those who suffer from TED often experience double vision, eye pain, the inability to close both eyelids, and other vision problems. 

If you were prescribed Tepezza injections to treat TED, you may have received more than you expected. Many Tepezza users have suffered hearing loss, tinnitus, and other auditory problems after receiving a few Tepezza doses. These problems can lead to related expenses that you should not have to pay.

To recover your personal financial losses, you need to know how to file a Tepezza lawsuit in order to hold the drug manufacturer responsible for the unexpected medical side effects you suffered and the harm this drug has caused.

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A 7-Step Guide: How to File a Lawsuit Against Tepezza’s Manufacturer, Horizon Therapeutics 

Bringing a dangerous drug mass tort lawsuit is extremely complicated. Most consumers do not have the education, experience, and resources to file a lawsuit on their own behalf, especially while they are also dealing with unexpected medical conditions. 

This is why the first step in filing a Tepezza lawsuit is…

Find a Lawyer or Law Firm With Experience in Mass Tort and Dangerous Drug Cases

Finding a Lawyer

Product liability cases, such as dangerous drug lawsuits involving large corporate manufacturers, require extensive investigation, familiarity with relevant laws, and specific knowledge that few attorneys and law firms possess. You need to work with a lawyer who knows the necessary procedures, including filing deadlines, to ensure your case is not jeopardized and your rights are protected.

At Lawsuit Legal News, we have a team of skilled product liability attorneys who can help you navigate each stage of a dangerous drug claim, including:

  • Gathering and organizing information,
  • Preparing and filing necessary documents,
  • Creating a solid demand package,
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel and insurance adjusters for a fair settlement amount,
  • Litigating your claim at trial if settlement is not possible.

The easiest way to find the best lawyer is to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Together, you can determine if you are both ready and able to bring a Tepezza lawsuit and your chances for a successful settlement or verdict. 

This leads us to the second step…

Determine Your Capacity to Bring a Lawsuit Against Tepezza’s Manufacturer

Not everyone has the right to bring a product liability lawsuit. The law requires all plaintiffs to possess the legal capacity to sue. This usually means the plaintiff must be an adult and mentally sound. An injured minor does not have the legal capacity to sue because of their age, but their parent or legal guardian could bring an action on their behalf. Or the child could wait until they are an adult to bring their own claim.

If you were injured by taking Tepezza, you must be at least 18 years old and “of sound mind” to qualify as a plaintiff to file a lawsuit for your losses.

Ensure You Have a Legitimate Cause of Action and the Proper Standing to File a Lawsuit

Even if you possess the legal capacity to sue, you must also have legal standing and viable legal grounds to bring a lawsuit against a drug manufacturer. Legal standing is created when someone is directly harmed by the person or entity they are suing. In a Tepezza lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove that they were injured by taking the medication.

To establish legal grounds, the lawsuit must be based on the violation of an established legal right. For example, patients who take prescription drugs have the legal right not to be harmed by the drug, or at least they should know about potential harmful side effects before deciding to take the drug. 

Ensure You Have a Legitimate Cause of Action and the Proper Standing to File a Lawsuit

Patients who received Tepezza injections without knowing about the potential side effects, including hearing loss, could establish sufficient legal grounds against the drug maker because they were not warned about potential auditory problems. However, the FDA finally updated Tepezza warning labels in July 2023, stating that Tepezza can lead to permanent hearing impairment or even total loss. Since then, users cannot claim they didn’t know about this particular side effect. 

Lastly, the plaintiff will have to prove that they suffered legal damages as a result of using the dangerous drug. A dedicated product liability lawyer will know what evidence to gather and present to substantiate the financial losses you have suffered as a result of taking Tepezza.

Determine and Name All Potential Defendants Who May Be Held Responsible For Your Losses

In some product liability cases, multiple parties could be held liable for the damages suffered by an injured person. In pending Tepezza lawsuits, plaintiffs have named the drug’s manufacturer, Horizon Therapeutics as the main defendant. However, in some other dangerous drug cases, the drugs’ retailers and wholesalers are also named in the lawsuit.

An experienced product liability lawyer associated with Lawsuit Legal News can thoroughly review your unique circumstances to ensure all potentially liable parties are included in your legal claim and named as defendants in any related lawsuit. If multiple defendants can be held liable for your damages, you are more likely to recover the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Choose the Correct Location to File Your Lawsuit

Legal procedural rules dictate where you can bring a lawsuit. To accept a lawsuit, the court must have personal and subject matter jurisdiction over the case. Your choice of courts will depend on where you live, the nature of your legal claim, and where the defendant lives or does business. 

Some mass tort lawsuits, such as the Tylenol Autism Multi-District Lawsuit (MDL), have been consolidated in federal court to ensure consistent and efficient litigation. As of June 2023, several cases were consolidated into a federal Tepezza MDL located in Illinois. You may have a choice of either state or federal court to file your Tepezza case. A knowledgeable lawyer at Lawsuit Legal News can explain your options and why joining the MDL or filing in one specific court may be more advantageous than another.

Prepare and File the Necessary Documents On Time

Prepare and File the Necessary Documents On Time

To protect your right to receive the compensation you deserve under the law, you must create and file certain documents within specific deadlines. Again, this is why the first step above is so important. A prepared litigation attorney will calculate the applicable statute of limitations that controls how long you have to bring a Tepezza lawsuit. If you miss this deadline, you will have very little chance of receiving any money for your losses.

Product liability lawsuits require numerous court filings and procedures. Court cases begin with a Complaint and Summons, but then motions for various pre-trial purposes, legal briefs and responsive pleadings, and detailed case management documents may be required, all before going to trial. Preparing for a jury trial is a complex, demanding process that is best handled by a seasoned trial attorney.

Resolve Your Tepezza Lawsuit

Once a lawsuit is filed, there are three ways it can be resolved: mutual settlement, trial verdict, or dismissal. If a plaintiff does not follow all of the necessary steps when filing their lawsuit, the case might be dismissed for a variety of reasons. If the case is solid, the parties will engage in settlement negotiations that might lead to a final resolution.

Court cases involve a discovery phase where both sides to the lawsuit exchange important information, take depositions, demand documents, and pursue relevant evidence from the other side. It’s crucial to know what evidence is needed to prove your case and how to request it. 

If your case must proceed to trial, an experienced product liability attorney can help ensure you receive the best jury or bench verdict possible. A skilled litigation attorney from Lawsuit Legal News can guide you through the entire litigation process, answer all of your questions, and present the strongest possible case on your behalf. 

For more information about how to file a Tepezza lawsuit, take a look at our Tepezza lawsuit FAQ page or reach out to our team of professionals today. 

At Lawsuit Legal News, our goal is to provide you with the most current information about pending mass tort litigation and guide you through the complex process of filing a product liability lawsuit. We understand what you are going through, and our team of legal professionals is here to help. 
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