Tepezza Lawsuit Update

Tepezza Lawsuit Update

The infusion drug Tepezza has been prescribed for sufferers of thyroid eye disease (TED). Tepezza (generic name: teprotumumab), is manufactured by Horizon Therapeutics, PLC and used to treat patients with inflammation of the eyes and eye tissues caused by TED. Tepezza is administered once every three weeks for as many as eight treatments.

Unfortunately, although this drug does relieve the symptoms of TED, many of its users are also experiencing hearing problems, some permanent in nature. These unsuspecting consumers are now bringing lawsuits to recover their damages. The team at Lawsuit Legal News (LLN) created this Tepezza lawsuit update to provide the most current information to injured consumers.

Since so many consumers who have been harmed by Tepezza are bringing lawsuits against the manufacturer, all federal cases are now consolidated into a nationwide multi-district litigation (MDL) located in the Northern District of Illinois. 

For more information about this MDL and how you may be affected, reach out to our legal professionals anytime. The LLN professionals also put together this Tepezza lawsuit update to help answer your general questions. In the meantime, feel free to bookmark this page and return often to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the pending Tepezza litigation. 

Tepezza Lawsuit Updates - August 2023

The Tepezza multi-district litigation is fairly new, but we expect this mass tort action to grow quickly as more consumers are diagnosed with a variety of hearing problems related to their use of this drug. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing issues after receiving Tepezza infusions, contact our affiliated dangerous drug law firm today.

August 2, 2023 - Tepezza Lawsuit Still Getting Organized

While we wait for the first case management scheduling order to be finalized, we’re watching the number of new cases joining this MDL. July saw only three new cases, but 16 new lawsuits were filed in June. As of the end of July, the MDL contained 42 Tepezza lawsuits.  

July 25, 2023 - New Warning Label For Tepezza Addressing Hearing Loss

The FDA has released a revised Tepezza label and prescribing information that includes a section that discusses the possibility of severe and irreversible hearing damage. The new guidelines also recommend that health care providers monitor their patients’ hearing throughout the Tepezza infusion treatment period.

While the MDL grows, Horizon Pharmaceuticals is being challenged for failing to warn users and the medical community about the potential side effects of this TED medication. Now that there is a strong warning on the product, users who continue to take Tepezza may realize lower payments to resolve their lawsuits. We do not recommend any changes in treatment because of a potential lawsuit. Speak with your doctor to determine your best course of treatment in light of the potential side effects. 

July 1, 2023 - Court Holds First Status Conference in Newly Created Multi-District Tepezza Litigation

Since forming the  Tepezza MDL for all federal cases in June, the court must now sort through the pretrial procedural requirements. The first status hearing was June 28th, with Judge Thomas Durkin. His job is now to become familiar with the details of the pending Tepezza lawsuits, organize the pretrial litigation process, create a steering committee to represent all plaintiffs, and establish management expectations for the MDL going forward.

June 2, 2023 - A Federal Tepezza MDL is Created

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has determined that all of the federal Tepezza hearing loss claims will be consolidated through multi-district litigation (MDL). The MDL will be located in Illinois' Northern District with U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin presiding. The MDL will help coordinate and streamline pretrial processes, including all evidence discovery, and ensure consistent legal rulings.

May 31, 2023 - FTC Objects to the Sale of Horizon Therapeutics

Amgen, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, attempted to acquire Horizon Therapeutics as one of its subsidiaries. The purchase was thwarted when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed  a lawsuit arguing that the $27.8 billion acquisition would place Amgen in charge of a monopoly for companies that treat certain conditions.

May 11, 2023 - Horizon Objects to Tepezza MDL

Horizon Therapeutics has attempted to stop the formation of a Tepezza MDL. The company filed a motion opposing the consolidation of Tepezza claims and argued that an MDL is not necessary because there are few pending claims, and Horizon expects there will not be many more filed. In spite of Horizon's claim, the number of new Tepezza lawsuits filed continues to rise.

April 14, 2023 - Tepezza is Being Prescribed for More Patients Despite Its Hearing Loss Dangers

Horizon Therapeutics announced the FDA has approved new language for Tepezza that will give more patients access to the drug in spite of the rising number of product liability claims and lawsuits related to the dangerous side effect of the drug.

April 13, 2023 - Tepezza Victims Request Multi-District Litigation to Protect Their Rights

A motion has been filed with the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation (JPML) requesting the consolidation of all federal Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits into a group lawsuit for pretrial purposes. The motion is brought by 18 pending Tepezza plaintiffs from five federal districts that would be consolidated into a multidistrict litigation (MDL). The plaintiffs suggest the MDL should be based in the Northern District of California.

April 6, 2023 - Pending Tepezza Lawsuit Faces Motion to Dismiss 

As of this date, there are 38 pending Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits filed in federal courts throughout the country.  Horizon’s pending motion to dismiss one of the lawsuits based on federal preemption has yet to be decided.  This motion to dismiss could have an impact on every pending Tepezza lawsuit if it is granted.

A new study entitled “Reduction of Teprotumumab-Induced Hearing Loss With Comparable Efficacy Using Half-Dose Therapy” has shown a direct link between using Tepezza and subsequent hearing loss in the patient.  Further, the research studied whether there is a dose-dependent response to Tepezza. In other words, patients who use this thyroid eye disease medication may have different hearing-related side effects depending on the strength of their prescribed dose.

March 12, 2023 - As the Number of Tepezza Lawsuits Grows, Consolidated Litigation Makes Sense

As of March, 32 Tepezza lawsuits have been filed in federal courts throughout the nation.  The team at Lawsuit Legal News anticipates plaintiffs will eventually petition the Joint Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) to consolidate all Tepezza lawsuits into one jurisdiction with a single judge. This process is known as Multidistrict Litigation (MDL).  An MDL is effect because it streamlines discovery, ensures consistent judicial rulings, and can improve the entire litigation process including settlement negotiations. 

February 20, 2023 -  Horizon Files Motion to Dismiss Tepezza Case Under Federal Preemption Argument

Horizon Therapeutics is trying to dismiss a recent Tepezza lawsuit where the plaintiff alleged his use of Tepezza thyroid eye disease medication led to his permanent hearing loss.  Horizon argues that these claims are preempted by federal law because the plaintiff failed to show how the defendant could have added warnings to the medication's label especially without FDA approval.   

Additionally, Horizon Therapeutics claims the plaintiff's design defect arguments are also preempted by federal law which disallows any medication formula changes without FDA approval.  Similar preemption arguments are regularly raised by drug manufacturers in most product liability “failure to warn” lawsuits that involve a medication.  However, preemption arguments are usually unsuccessful. For example, the court denied Johnson & Johnson’s preemption argument in a similar decision in the Tylenol autism lawsuit.

To Learn More, Reach Out to an Experienced Mass Tort Team 

If you or a loved one were prescribed Tepezza and later experienced hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing-related issues, you may be eligible to join the Tepezza lawsuit MDL. We can answer your questions and explain your rights during a free consultation. Call 866-467-0943 or complete our online contact form today.


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