What is an Ozempic Lawsuit Worth?

A new group of product liability lawsuits has emerged, accusing Novo Nordisk of failing to provide a warning label on their drug Ozempic, the brand name for Semaglutide. People with Type II diabetes who take Ozempic to maintain a healthy blood sugar level have reported experiencing severe stomach paralysis and gallbladder issues, including gallstones. The treatment for stomach paralysis and gallbladder issues related to Ozepmic can involve surgery and medication, which can entail significant financial, physical, and emotional consequences. 

Plaintiffs in the Ozempic lawsuits are seeking to recover compensation for damages like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a more detailed look at what your damages may be worth, you should schedule a free consultation with a defective drug lawyer who has experience with mass tort bad drug claims, such as the Tylenol autism lawsuits. They will have the expertise needed to estimate the value of your damages and negotiate for the maximum possible amount in an Ozempic stomach paralysis lawsuit.

What Plaintiffs Can Expect in an Ozempic Lawsuit Settlement

As the Ozempic claims are so new, we do not have a formal benchmark for what to expect in terms of settlement amounts. Based on previous experience with mass tort claims involving defective drugs, most qualified personal injuries will tell you that generally speaking, the greater the impact of the injury, the more the plaintiff’s damages will be worth. 

For example, an Ozempic user who developed a small gallstone that could be passed at home and managed with over-the-counter pain medication would receive less than a plaintiff who required an emergency Cholecystectomy and missed a week of work, as well as their spouse’s birthday trip to the beach. Most Ozempic injuries inflict some degree of financial loss, as well as pain and suffering.

Ozempic Lawsuit Value Depends on Your Damages

Ultimately, there is no standardized settlement value for Ozempic lawsuits since each plaintiff will have different damages. Which damages you claim as well as their calculated value will be the primary determining factor when it comes to the value of your Ozempic gallstone lawsuit.

For plaintiffs who have suffered the most extensive losses related to their gallbladder injuries caused by Ozempic, settlements may range between $400,000 and $700,000. A seasoned product liability attorney can help you maximize your compensation. They will be aware of the full range of damages available to you, and the documentation required to show their value. A personal injury lawyer will also have the negotiating skills to ensure that they are offered a fair settlement.

How Ozempic Helps Treat Type II Diabetes

Ozempic is a non-insulin injectable drug used to manage Type II diabetes, and some users also rely on it as a tool to help with weight loss. Patients with Type II diabetes typically have abnormally high blood sugar levels because their bodies do not process glucose correctly due to a lack of insulin. In the long term, this can lead to heart issues, stroke, kidney disease, and other life-threatening conditions. 

Ozempic is a GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Analog-Type drug, which means that it imitates the hormone incretin glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). In a non-diabetic, GLP-1 communicates to the body that it needs to secrete more insulin. In turn, insulin helps to regulate the body’s sugar levels. Ozempic fulfills the role of GLP-1 to signal to the pancreas that more insulin is needed to bring down high blood sugar levels. It also encourages the liver to limit sugar production.

Type II diabetics can take Ozempic through a weekly injection to help manage their blood sugar levels, increasing their dosage as time goes on. It should be used in addition to maintaining good exercise habits and a healthy diet. Ozempic is not used to treat Type I diabetes or ketoacidosis

Studies Warn Ozempic May Be Responsible for Serious Gallbladder Issues

Ozempic users have reported some adverse side effects related to the gallbladder after using the drug, which has become the focus of the product liability lawsuits against manufacturer Novo Nordisk. Specifically, there are concerns that Ozempic is causing gallstones, Cholecystitis, and acute gallbladder disease. Not only can these conditions be incredibly painful, but they may also require surgical intervention.

For years, researchers have been sounding the alarm about Ozempic, linking it to severe gallbladder issues. Back in 2017, a meta-analysis of controlled trials conducted by Italian researchers concluded that there was an increased risk of gallstones associated with using GLP-1 receptor agonists, such as Ozempic. In August 2022, a research letter published in JAMA Internal Medicine New research cautions that the long-term use of Ozempic or taking Ozempic in high doses may increase the likelihood of these gallbladder issues

In the company’s clinical trials, researchers found that between 0.4% and 1.5% of participants who received Ozempic experienced gallbladder issues Almost all of these participants required a cholecystectomy to treat their condition, which is the surgical removal of the gallbladder. Ozempic’s warning label now reflects these findings, but for some users, it is too late.

Mounjaro Stomach Paralysis Lawsuits

Ozempic is the dominant drug in its market niche but there are other drugs that compete with the Novo Nordisk product and have faced similar controversy. Mounjaro is another drug like Ozempic manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company that uses tirzepatide instead of semaglutide. Like Ozempic, Mounjaro has faced scrutiny due to reports of it also causing stomach paralysis which has led some to file Mounjaro stomach paralysis lawsuits.

As with Ozempic lawsuits., Mounjaro lawsuit value depends on the details of the individual plaintiff's case. Determining what your Mounjaro stomach paralysis lawsuit is worth requires more than an online settlement calculator and needs the expert opinion of a product liability lawyer.

Seeking Compensation for an Ozempic Claim

The Ozempic lawsuits are product liability claims centered on the fact that the drug manufacturers denied consumers the opportunity for informed consent by failing to provide a warning label that detailed the risks of using their drug. In this case, they neglected to include the increased risk of gallbladder issues, such as gallstones and acute gallbladder disease.

The manufacturer of Ozempic, Novo Nordisk, did not provide such as warning label until March 2022. Ozempic users who are interested in filing a product liability lawsuit must have experienced gallbladder issues after taking Ozempic before April 2022, sought treatment, and sustained damages as a result of their injury. Plaintiffs in the Ozepmic claims may be entitled to recover compensation for a number of damages.

Examples of Damages in an Ozempic Lawsuit:

  • Medical bills
    • Lab tests
    • Imaging
    • Medication
    • Surgery
    • Hospital stays
  • Job-related losses
    • Lost wages
    • Missed promotions
  • Pain and suffering

Seek an Experienced Ozempic Lawyer for Your Case

Ozempic users who have developed gallstones, acute gallbladder disease, or other gallbladder issues should not delay seeking care from a medical provider. This protects your ability to seek compensation in the future, as it shows you took steps to minimize your damages.

After receiving medical care, you should consider exploring your legal options with the help of a product liability lawyer. Product liability lawyers offer many beneficial services, including managing administrative tasks, drafting statements, protecting your rights, and negotiating to maximize your compensation for an Ozempic lawsuit.

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