Who Can Bring an Ozempic Lawsuit?

Who Can Bring an Ozempic Lawsuit?

Ozempic Horror Stories: Real People Suffering Dangerous Ozempic Side Effects

If you follow the news or watch TV, you’ve probably seen advertisements for the prescription drug Ozempic. You may also see stories about celebrities and other “social media influencers” who claim they’ve successfully lost weight by using Ozempic. You may also have read about some users’ Ozempic horror stories after they have experienced serious Ozempic side effects.

If you or a loved one are an Ozempic user and you’ve suffered medical side effects as a result, you may be eligible to bring an Ozempic lawsuit to recover the financial damages you have incurred. The legal team at Lawsuit Legal News is following this drug, the related problems reported by thousands of Ozempic users, and the growing surge of litigation to help guide injured people who are considering filing an Ozempic lawsuit.

Currently, we are involved with two types of lawsuits — Ozempic gallbladder lawsuits and Ozempic stomach paralysis cases. Regardless of which Ozempic side effects you are facing, we have the skills, resources, and know-how to guide you through the personal injury litigation process and help you recover the financial compensation you deserve. 

A Few Real Life Ozempic Horror Stories

Several Ozempic users have reported serious gallbladder problems including gallstones and gallbladder removal surgery as a result of taking this prescription drug for a period of time. Many of those injured people have brought product liability lawsuits against the drug manufacturer claiming it failed to warn them about the possibility they would experience these issues. 

Many Ozempic gallbladder cases are still pending around the country. To find out if you still have time to file an Ozempic lawsuit, talk to an experienced dangerous drug lawyer today. 

The first Ozempic stomach paralysis lawsuit was filed in August 2023 by a 44-year-old Louisiana woman. The lawsuit is based on the legal theory that Ozempic’s manufacturer, Novo Nordisk, failed to warn about the serious side effects she experienced. The plaintiff in that case was prescribed Ozempic and then Mounjaro by her doctor. While using these medications, the plaintiff had such severe side effects that she was admitted to the emergency room several times and even lost some teeth as a result of violent vomiting. 

Another woman named Brea Hand (who is not involved in a lawsuit yet) explained while she was using Ozempic, she had to go to the hospital six times and was finally admitted into the intensive care unit. According to Ms. Hand, "The stomach pain was just unbearable and I couldn't keep anything down," she said. "I would drink something and within minutes, like five, 10 minutes later, I would be throwing up.”

Another Ozempic user shared her story through a Newsweek article and her personal vlog. Although she only used the drug for three months, she experienced nausea for two days after each weekly injection, heartburn and excessive burping, and a sick feeling if she ate too much. She struggled with constipation and needed a weekly laxative to empty her system. 

What are the Dangerous Ozempic Side Effects to Look For?

At this point, Ozempic is only FDA approved for the treatment of Type II diabetes. However, since many diabetic patients also experienced weight loss while taking Ozempic, doctors are now prescribing the drug “off-label” for weight loss purposes. 

A stronger version of Ozempic, known as Wegovy which also contains the ingredient Semaglutide, is now FDA approved for weight loss purposes. However, many people sharing their Ozempic weight loss stories are revealing that these drugs are also causing serious side effects and medical problems.

Beyond the Ozempic horror stories mentioned above, many people are reporting serious side effects including the following:

Common symptoms related to these medical conditions include:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Excess gas and burping (often with a sulfur odor)
  • Kidney failure
  • Stomach and intestinal pain

If you experience any of these symptoms while taking Ozempic or Wegovy, see your doctor immediately. Then, contact an experienced Ozempic lawsuit attorney to see if you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer to recover compensation for your damages.

Also, potential Ozempic users should be advised that the weight they lose while taking the drug will likely return if they stop using it. In other words, to achieve long-term weight loss, users will likely need to take the drug for the rest of their lives. 

Can You Bring an Ozempic Lawsuit?

Basically, if you are an Ozempic user and you were diagnosed with any of the medical concerns listed in this post, you may be able to file a lawsuit against Novo Nordisk. Some users may be more susceptible to these medical problems, for example, people who take Ozempic to treat their Type II diabetes may experience fewer side effects and medical issues. 

In general, you might qualify to bring an Ozempic lawsuit if you meet the following conditions:

  • You used Ozempic prior to April 2022
  • You suffered gallbladder issues, such as gallstones or stomach problems such as gastroparesis
  • You incurred financial losses as a result of your medical injuries

Those users who are taking Ozempic off-label for weight loss may have more problems because the drug is intended to affect blood sugar levels in a variety of ways that were not intended for patients without diabetes. According to the user information provided by Novo Nordisk, all users can expect digestive problems, especially when they first start taking Ozempic. Those adverse side effects may decrease over time, or they may lead to other serious concerns.

Mounjaro Stomach Paralysis Lawsuits

While different from Ozempic, Mounjaro also has been the subject of similar controversy regarding its potential to cause gastroparesis. Mounjaro is a similar drug to Ozempic that uses tirzepatide instead of semaglutide to achieve similar results. Mounjaro stomach paralysis lawsuits have been filed on a similar basis and present an option for legal action to those who fulfill the same criteria as Ozempic lawsuits but instead used Mounjaro.

For more information about who can file an Ozempic lawsuit and other related issues, be sure to read our Ozempic Lawsuit FAQs. For more personalized information about your unique circumstances, turn to the legal team at Lawsuit Legal News for answers. 

Our followers and clients know they can trust the dedicated product liability lawyers at Lawsuit Legal News for the latest legal information related to important mass tort developments in cases of Ozempic and Mounjaro lawsuits around the country. During a free consultation we can explain if you are eligible to bring an Ozempic lawsuit and what you can expect when you partner with our team of legal professionals. 

For your free consultation, simply call 866-467-0943 or fill out our simple online contact form. We’re here to help you bring a legal claim and move forward after suffering Ozempic-related problems.


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